PSG and Neymar: Doomed to spend another season together?

Paris Saint-Germain and Neymar are back on the same page once again, though perhaps forced because of circumstances.

In essence two factors have come together at the same time, the coronavirus pandemic and the Barcelona boardroom crisis, which mean it’ll be at least one more year before the Brazilian star can make a comeback at the Camp Nou.

PSG are aware that it’ll be practically impossible for Neymar to leave in the summer as they watch the institutional crisis envelope Barcelona, with an offer not expected to arrive for some time, or one that will not match up to the demands from the Qatari owners in Paris.

There is no release clause in Neymar’s contract, nor is the price 165 million euros set by FIFA as Wagner Ribeiro stated.

While it is true the player can buy himself out of his contract this summer, Barcelona will need to tread carefully and assess whether or not it’s worth going to war with Nasser al Khelaifi and his club, by taking such an unusual measure.

Neymar signed his contract with PSG on August 3, 2017, and FIFA regulations give a protected period of three years from the day the deal was inked, so in the event the contract is broken, compensation can be set by FIFA, as well as disciplinary sanctions.

These could include giving a club a two-year transfer ban, while the footballer could be suspended from playing for up to six months.

As of August 3, 2020, Neymar could therefore break his contract and sign for another team, and if there is no agreement between those two sides, PSG would then have to start a procedure with FIFA in order to claim payment, which is usually the remaining salary on the contract.

Last season, PSG didn’t accept an offer from Barcelona and as MARCA reported on Sunday, the Catalans would look to include players in any deal, though that never worked a year ago either.

Most experts expect the transfer fees in the summer window to be significantly reduced in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, thus it would be strange for PSG to accept a lower offer for their superstar player, and could wait one more season for normality to return.

Finally, in recent months PSG and Neymar have become a little closer with the club delighted with the commitment shown by the player, particularly in the Champions League comeback against Borussia Dortmund.

The rest of the squad have made it clear, via Ander Herrera and coach Thomas Tuchel, that Neymar is a leader in the dressing room, more so then Kylian Mbappe.

Right now, PSG are dealing with Neymar’s entourage in a more calm manner, than they are with Mbappe’s, who has a deal until 2022 and is yet to sign a renewal with Real Madrid waiting in the wings.

Neymar himself has also nodded to the club and his teammates from lockdown in Brazil, with statements from the player being released. “I miss football, I miss PSG and my teammates,” he has said.

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