One of the golf documentary we’d love to see.

We all want a truly deep-diving Tiger Woods documentary, and it’s a guarantee we’ll eventually get one. When it’s finally released, there’s no guessing how many episodes it might contain.

From his first national television appearance on “The Mike Douglas Show” at the age of 2 to his upbringing on a military base where he played the majority of his golf as a young boy, any Tiger documentary would pretty much have to start from the day he was born.

Tiger’s history both on and off the course is extremely well-documented, but there’s a lot that remains unknown. His meteoric rise as a 20-year-old golfer propelled him to a level of fame few athletes ever reach. But for all of his achievements on the course, any telling of Tiger’s story can’t be complete without exploring his downfalls away from it.

The 15-time major winner’s world came crashing down on Thanksgiving night in 2009. What started out as a minor fender bender spiraled into an infidelity scandal that shook golf to its core when it was revealed that the Tiger sports fans had grown to love and idolize was living two completely different lives.

Then came the back injuries that plague Woods to this day. He was in and out of golf for years because of them, with many thinking he was done for good. It would have been unfortunate to see injuries force Tiger into retirement before the age of 40, but as we know, that’s not how his story ended.

There’s so much to Woods’ life that a documentary could uncover, and one day, his entire story will be told.

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