Jazz EVP Said: Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert are ‘ready to put this behind them’

“I think they both have spoken to this. They’re ready to put this behind them and move forward, act professionally,” the team’s executive vice president of basketball operations Dennis Lindsey said Tuesday, according to Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune. “The night of March 12 was really unprecedented and brought a microscope to our team, and we get it.”

Mitchell was believed to be frustrated with Gobert’s reportedly careless behavior in regard to the coronavirus; the Frenchman ultimately became the first player in the NBA to test positive for it in March. A day after Gobert’s result, Mitchell himself tested positive.

The two were the only Jazz players to receive positive test results. Both have now since been fully cleared.

Serious concerns regarding their relationship arose after one unnamed source told The Athletic last month it did not “appear salvageable.” In mid-April, Gobert revealed he and Mitchell had begun speaking again but added things were still “far from perfect.”

Now, Lindsey says, the pair are back to training virtually with the rest of the team.

“We look forward to moving forward,” he continued. “They’ve said their piece to each other. They’ve both visited at the ownership level, at management level, at coaching level, the players level. They’re fulling participating in our Zoom workouts.”

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