Italian journalist says CR7 is set TO LEAVE Juventus in the upcoming transfer window

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to make of a report when there’s a truly huge claim being made when it’s also very surprising.

This report has emerged from an Italian journalist who seems to have some credibility, and it also seems unlikely that they would just completely make it up:

He basically says that he’s been told that Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo could go their different ways at the end of this season, but it’s just a rumour for now.

In some ways it is believable as there has been some tension in the past – for example Cristiano Ronaldo furiously ignoring Maurizio Sarri and leaving the ground early when he was subbed against AC Milan earlier in the season.

Since then he’s gone on an incredible goal scoring run and that would make you think that everything was fixed, but maybe there’s more to it and he does want to go.

Italian journalist says Cristiano Ronaldo is set TO LEAVE Juventus in the upcoming transfer window

Either way it’s the worst timing for him to leave as clubs will be struggling for money, but perhaps his huge salary is a reason that Juventus would want him to leave.

Honestly it’s impossible to tell how credible these reports are, but it wouldn’t be a total surprise if it does happen.

The main question is where would he go next?

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