G.Bale urged to quit Real Madrid and complete Tottenham transfer

Gareth Bale remains adamant he will remain at Real Madrid.

Former Tottenham midfielder Danny Murphy has pleaded with Gareth Bale to leave Real Madrid and come back to the Premier League after falling out of favour at the Bernabeu.

Bale spent six years at Spurs, developing into the best player in the England which convinced Madrid to break the world transfer record for him.

The Welshman has enjoyed a glittering career with the Spanish side, winning four Champions League titles and La Liga on two occasions.

However, since the return of Zinedine Zidane in March 2019, Bale has been an isolated figure, often starting on the bench or not featuring at all.

Zidane maintains he has no issue with Bale but a return to the starting line-up for the attacker is unlikely.

Gareth Bale urged to quit Real Madrid and complete Tottenham transfer

Unless Bale takes a wage cut there are few clubs that could afford to sign him, especially following the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic on clubs.

But Murphy says Bale must do whatever he can to leave Madrid and return ‘home’ to Spurs.

Murphy said: “I don’t think you understand how lucky you are and how amazing being a footballer is until you’re not a footballer anymore.

“I might be generalising, but I think I’m right that the majority feel that way who love the game.

Gareth Bale urged to quit Real Madrid and complete Tottenham transfer

“To make a top footballer these days the love and the passion for it must be within you from a young age to want to be a footballer, and to love playing, to love training and to love doing it.

“I was with Gareth at Tottenham in his younger days and he seemed like a lad who loved his football and was dedicated to it, but maybe he’s lost that passion for it.

“Maybe the lifestyle, the family contentment, he loves his golf, the climate, the finances are good, the family are settled from what I hear… so maybe he’s not like everybody else and he’s an exception to the rule.

“But that regret of looking back and thinking, ‘I can’t do it now, why didn’t I do it then?’ Playing football is something you can’t do forever and he’s damn good at it; people like watching him play, he’s a wonderful footballer and he’s done so much in the game, but he’s still only 31.

“I’d be saying to him, ‘go and play, mate and just enjoy it’.

“There has to be a way out of Real Madrid and I think the one place for Gareth is Tottenham. He’s loved there already; he’s got the fans on board and they could do with him, he’d be a great boost to the team.

“Could he find a way of going back there? That, for me, would be great for Tottenham.

“Even if it’s just for two or three years, go back to where you made yourself, go back to the home you love, enjoy yourself and help Tottenham get back to being competitive again.”

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