Did Queen Elizabeth request Cristiano Ronaldo’s shirt?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s re-visitation of Manchester United was enormous information in football, however it was a significant worldwide story and it was even reputed to have incited an uncommon solicitation from Queen Elizabeth.

Unverified reports via web-based media have started a free for all of tales somewhat recently or thereabouts, proposing that the British ruler sent a note to the Portuguese footballer requesting his new shirt.

All the more explicitly, the story goes that the Queen was searching for 80 Manchester United shirts embellished with ‘RONALDO 7’ to disseminate among her staff. Furthermore, she was likewise after Ronaldo’s first match shirt, marked, when he makes his second United presentation.

In the event that this abnormal case is valid, it would make Cristiano Ronaldo the solitary individual in the world that the Queen has at any point requested a signature.

The reports appear to be unconfirmed, yet more interesting things have occurred. The Queen is certainly not a vocal football fan, however is an envoy for the game and has communicated support for West Ham and Arsenal before.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a worldwide genius and his re-visitation of British shores could well be seen well by lawmakers and eminence. This shouldn’t imply that the tales’ are valid, however the reality they acquired some foothold maybe recounts its own story.