Cristiano Ronaldo stranded in Madeira due to COVID-19 restrictions, 1 day before Juventus training

Serie A is preparing to resume its season amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which means that players who have been scattered across the world now must reassemble for training. Juventus is starting training on Monday, and it appears that they’ll be missing a big piece of their team.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has been in his native Madeira, Portugal for a few weeks, is reportedly stranded on the island due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. According to the Mirror, Ronaldo’s private jet was supposed leave from Spain to pick him up on Sunday and fly him to Turin for the start of training, but Spain’s travel restrictions have kept the plane grounded.

The delay is reportedly minor, and Ronaldo will likely be able to arrive in Turin in the next week. However he’ll be further delayed from training due to the mandatory quarantine Italy has imposed on anyone entering the country. Ronaldo will be required to isolate for 14 days before beginning to train with his Juventus teammates — while obeying social distancing protocols, of course.

It’s not like Ronaldo has been getting in touch with his inner couch potato while he’s been in Madeira. If he’s been throwing back wine and snacks while binge watching “Tiger King,” he’s doing it between the numerous workout photos and videos he’s posted.

It’s probably pretty frustrating for Ronaldo to be missing the start of training, especially after the suspension of the season, but it’s hard to feel too bad for him. He’s stranded on a gorgeous Portuguese island known for its delicious wine, his partner and kids are there, and he’ll likely be able to leave in a few more days. Wouldn’t we all like to be “stranded” in a beautiful setting, forced to wait a few more days before getting back to work?