Copa del Rey Final postponed until the fans can return to the stadium in Spain

The 2020 Copa del Rey Final between Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad will only occur when concerns regarding the coronavirus pandemic subside to the point that fans can again attend matches, even if that means waiting until 2021 to host the contest.

As James Westwood of wrote, the two clubs petitioned the Royal Spanish Football Federation to only play the match with fans in attendance. Before the virus outbreak resulted in European competitions indefinitely suspending play, some events throughout the continent occurred behind closed doors.

Per Goal, a joint statement from the club reads: 

The desire and the will of both clubs has always been, now and before, to play the final with the presence of our fans.

“It is what we would most like. A cup final with our fans in the stands.”

According to the Associated Press (h/t Yahoo Sports), the Spanish FA granted that request on Monday under the condition that the Final, originally scheduled for April 18 in Seville, occurs before the date held for next year’s Final. 

The Dutch Eredivisie and French football competitions prematurely ended their 2019-20 seasons rather than attempt to resume without fans in attendance. The Eredivisie season was voided, while Paris Saint-Germain were crowned champions of Ligue 1. 

Amiens are appealing their relegation to Ligue 2 because the season didn’t finish in full due to the coronavirus.